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Advantage Monitoring, LLC. is a GPS Electronic Monitoring provider. We offer satellite tracking GPS electronic monitoring and radio frequency(RF) electronic monitoring equipment for the private and government sector. We are a full service case management provider, offering programs designed to fit any budget. We offer complete programs, equipment leases and training. Advantage Monitoring is one of the first to utilize the "offender pay" concept and to promote a secured bond married to an anklet. A recent study performed by the United States Department of Justice found that those placed under secured forms of release were much more likely to appear in court.

Advantage Monitoring offers 24hour hook-ups anywhere within the continental United States. We are fully insured up to 1 million dollars. Under our program, you only pay for actual electronic monitoring days, not a predetermined slot.


Attorneys: Judges often allow the reduction of a high bond with the inclusion of a GPS electronic monitoring anklet.

Bail Agents/Surety Companies: A secured bond married to a GPS electronic monitoring anklet is indeed the best possible tool for the production of the defendant and public safety.

Sheriffs: Offenders are alot less costly sleeping in their own beds while awaiting a trial that could be years off. GPS Electronic monitoring allows offenders the ability to maintain a job and take care of their family.

District Attorneys: Crime Scene Correlation allows prosecutors the ability to save costly courtroom preparation time by eliminating suspects.

Child Support Agencies: Streamlining child support collections based on the utilization of RF technology not only frees up costly jail space; it puts money in needy households.

Experienced in a wide array of pretrial services, Advantage Monitoring Electronic Monitoring assists government agencies in starting new offender GPS Electronic Monitoring programs. Enhancing or streamlining existing operations; the ultimate goal of preserving the safety and security of the community is always the primary focus.

Technology cannot replace in-person interaction and unannounced visits between supervising officers and offenders. Innovations in 1 point-a-minute GPS Electronic Monitoring based technology enhances public safety while allowing the next best thing to in-person interaction.

BluTag®, is a one-piece GPS Electronic Monitoring device that equips supervising officers with the most effective alternative to the high cost of incarceration.

BluBand®, is a radio frequency(RF) device that is used for defendants charged with lesser offenses. Utilized in conjunction with Advantage Monitoring's civil case management program, those previously incarcerated for child support are able to work and support their families.

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